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Heliopolis imposes the maximum sanction

November 22, 2021

We were all brought up in this ancient edifice on morals and mutual respect among all.
And in my capacity as a member first and the chairman of its board of directors last, I am responsible for the right, security and safety of each member…
Do not be complacent in violating the most important bond that unites us, which is our morals, our civility, our well-being, and our usual humanity.
Do not underestimate any of the rights of any member, as we are all equal in rights and duties.
Do not underestimate the safety and security of any member, large or small.
Do not tolerate the violation of any principles and norms that unite us.
Do not underestimate our identity and morals throughout history under any name.
I have taken an immediate decision to stop the child offending member from entering the club for a full year, and that is the maximum penalty in the authority of the Board of Directors, in preparation for presenting his final dismissal to the higher authority, which is the General Assembly, which is the owner of the final dismissal decision.
This incident will not go unnoticed. What happened is in violation of every Sharia, reason and religion, and in violation of all humanitarian, moral, sports, customary and child rights laws.
Finally, I would like to thank the player Abdul Rahman Marzouk and the 2005 football team for giving a living example of our upbringing and our traditions as members of one family, in contrast to the disgraceful act of the offending member.
Amr El Sonbaty