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El Sonbaty meets 2005 football team champions

November 23, 2021

In the context of the keenness of the Chairman of the Board of Directors for the club’s children of all ages, Mr. Amr El Sonbaty, Chairman of the Heliopolis Sporting Club, visited the heroes of the unfortunate Track incident, in order to thank them and praise them for what they did during the incident and to praise their creation and good upbringing, which reflects the ethics of the club’s sons from all ages. He stressed that what they did proved that Heliopolis always has honorable models that adhere to what we grew up on, and he had a dialogue with them about the lessons learned from that incident and the constants that should be established.

He also praised them for not having contact with the aggressor member, and they kept him away from the child, who he considered a high ability of self-control in such cases, and in the end, he took memorial photos with them.