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Synchronized swimming wins the National Cup

January 15, 2022

In a great achievement, the synchronized swimming team of HSC managed to win the National Cup for the general stage of season 2022.

It is worth noting that the team includes 5 players who participated in the Olympics before, in addition to 3 players who participated with the national synchronized swimming team.

The National Championship of the public stage was held in the swimming pools complex at the main branch of Heliopolis Sporting Club on Friday, January 14, 2021.

The members of the Board of Directors attended the medal distribution ceremony and the championship cup.

The results were as follows:-

The club won first place in the teams competition.

 Players who participated in:

Lily Ali

Nora Azmy

Farida Radwan

Aya Tarek

Shahd Samer

Mahitab Nader

Zeina Omar

Samar Hassouna

Maryam Samer

Nour El-Sherif

The club also won the second place in the women’s doubles competition

Samar Hassouna

Farida Radwan